June 2005

Today, I was browsing the net looking for software to help edit digital photos and happened across a site named brianlane.com. Oddly enough, Brian Lane is also computer person and is big on Linux. So, it looks like we have more in common than just the pronunciation of our names. We even share BCL as our initails. Someday soon, I hope to get up my site www.brianlain.com.

“Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!”

“It is not necessary that man should be religious, but it is necessary
that he should be philosophical. When he is philosophical, he has the
very best of the blessings of religion.”
–­­ Fung Yu-lan

Polly sent us this newspaper clipping about the administration at Western New Mexico University. I must say, I think Mr. Herrera is right.

Click here to see the clipping.

This morning we left a note on our upstairs neighbors’ door saying that did not turn her in and that we hoped we could still get along. So, after Amanda got home from work, she came by and apologized for being rude. She said that someone turned her in for having a dog to make $50 and it ended up costing her over $2000! No wonder she was pissed…

Read all about here: Apartment Management

Today, I had a short, but upsetting conversation with our upstairs neighbor. She rudely accused me of turning her in for having a dog. Damn, Management… Read more at Apartment Management.

My dislike for the way our apartment complex is managed deepens… See Apartment Management for more details.

Here is a bumper sticker that I found interesting. Why work when the government will give you money?


Hi everyone. In case you hadn’t noticed, our site has undergone a major face lift. Hope you like it.