July 2005

Hi again,
This past weekend, we went to a Hummingbird Banding Festival in Lake Roberts. Check out the pictures and the fun facts! Cick Here!

Well, we are on again, for now. We have rescheduled for mid-August (in the midst of hurricane season), with the high hopes that we won’t have another Emily. But, in the unlikely event that our trip is once again the target of a mean storm, we will get our money back and go somewhere safer! So, be watching the weather–we definitely will be!

Well, disappointedly, no Cozumel this month. Emily’s wrath aimed right for our destination. So, we are hoping to reschedule sometime in August. And this time we will get travel insurance! (That way if yet another hurricane comes to rain on our parade, we get the money back!!) Anyway, so we are here, and we are safe, but we are not happy about it.
More soon.

What are the odds that we would choose to go somewhere tropical on the day that that place gets hit by a hurricane? The odds must be low, but that is what has happened. Hurricane Emily is due to arrive in Cozumel, Mx on late Sunday, July 17th night or Monday morning. Our flight is scheduled to land in Cozumel on Monday too. Here is its projected path (click on it to enlarge):

Hurricane Emily
Source: The Weather Underground, Inc.

Hey Everyone,
Check out our new pictures! We took a camping trip over the 4th of July weekend, so there are pictures of Balmorhea State Park, Texas and the Las Cruces fireworks. The links are on the right hand side. Enjoy!