August 2005

We went! We went! We really, really went!! We went to Cozumel for Brian’s birthday and had a great time! Amanda, Brian, and Brian’s brother Brad all went to Cozumel for a 4 day, 3 night snorkeling and scuba diving trip. We saw tons of really colorful fish, and lots of coral and seashells. Brian also got to go on a deep dive (90 feet down a sea wall!!) where he saw huge lobsters (70+ pounds), pufferfish, barracuda, and a sea horse. In the meantime, Amanda saw (and felt) a lot of jelly fish.

In all, we had a really fun time–the hotel was nice, the people were very friendly, and the water felt great. Now, all we have to do is save up enough money to do it again!

Below is a picture of the Fiesta Americana. It was right on the water, and the staff were excellent. See “Cozumel 2005” for more pics.


Here is one pic of Amanda, ready for the Gala. This is the dress Grammy got her for formal occasions (90% acetate, 10% spandex).

The Gala brought in over $13,000 in the auctions, and $25,000 in tickets/donations. The final numbers will be available next week. All of the money goes toward the Aid and Comfort Program to help people with AIDS pay for their meds and/or copays. For one new AIDS drug, the copay is $250 (the max allowed for a copay)!!!! The actual cost of the drug is upwards of $1500 per month!

She ran the credit card machine, and we were VERY busy (which is a very good thing, but I was exhausted–over $7000 in credit cards
between 9:00 and 10:00. I got out of there at 11:00).

There are two other pics under Gala 2005 on the right hand column. Finally–all dressed up WITH someplace to go!!