August 2006

This year’s annual fundraiser for Camino de Vida went well. It raised over $40,000 for the Aid and Comfort program, and over 250 attended. For a brief slideshow of the event, go to Camino de Vida’s website and click “view slideshow”.

Check out our new bikes! Brian and Amanda got their first bikes for Amanda’s birthday, March 2000. So, now we both upgraded again, for Brian’s birthday. Brian’s is a Trek 6700 and Amanda’s is a Trek 3900. Pretty snazzy! (Amanda’s is the one with the water bottles.)


Brian’s birthday was Saturday, so, to celebrate, we bought him a new bike, went biking in Cloudcroft, and went to Wet N’ Wild. Cloudcroft was super green–so green that the dead trees were growing moss–but it rained on us for the better part of the day, so we got a lot of driving in, but not a lot of riding. We are looking forward to going back up during the drier season!



Here are some pictures of desert life. The first is a millipede. We see them all over the desert, and they seem quite friendly. The second is a tadpole shrimp–an endangered species that only appears when it rains.