November 2006

Amanda went to San Francisco/Oakland for a job-related training. She went with several co-workers and they all had a great time going to the training and exploring the city. The people were very friendly and helpful (we got lost a lot) and the culture is very accepting of differences.
They stayed in a really cute, historic hotel (Washington Inn) and visited Jack London Square in Oakland, as well as Fisherman’s Warf and Macy’s (7-stories high) in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Amanda was not able to see the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz, but next time…
Below is a picture of the New Mexico crowd–Tony, Yvonne, Amanda, and Pete.

This is a really neat video that shows what it takes to be beautiful enough be a model. Surprisingly, most of it is makeup and computer effects. Makes me wonder how many of the super-models would be recognizable in person. It was made by a company in Canada named Dove (website). Watch the Video