July 2007

So, remember our big, beautiful house that we LOVED? Well, the owner decided to sell it, so they gave us until August 1 to get out. So we hunted and hunted and finally found one. It isn’t designed as well, isn’t as big, and costs more, but it was the best we could do on short notice. There’s a picture from the outside below, and more if you click here.


We just got back from our Montana trip, and what a great time we had! It took about 20 hours of driving to get there, then we went to Lewis and Clark Caverns, Cliff and Wade Lakes, Whit’s Lakes, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, on a boat ride, fishing on the Madison River, Johnson Lake, Hebgan Lake, and built a fence. We did a bunch of hiking, and quite a bit of fishing (Brian caught one 2-inch sucker and a Whitefish, Amanda caught stick and rock fish). No fireworks because of the high fire danger, but everything was so green and fresh and beautiful, we may just move there–3 months out of the year, that is. There are several pictures below, and more if you click here.


Picture is taken on the deck of Amanda’s house in Montana, with a view of Hebgen Lake.


Shane (the dog), Brian, Amanda, Tim (Kassy’s husband), Kassy, Brittany (Kassy’s friend), Kitty (Amanda’s mom), and Nicole in front.


View from one of our many hikes.