October 2007

This past weekend was the X-Prize Cup, held at Holloman Air Force Base. There were not as many rockets as the previous years, but there were quite a few air shows and we got to see big planes and jets up close, including the Stealth Fighter. Plus, we got to tour a cargo plane and a humongous Air Force plane (that Nicole got to drive), and Tim and Brian toured a B1 Bomber jet.






Amanda had to go to Albuquerque for a conference this past week, so Kassy and Nicole tagged along. They went to the zoo, the botanical gardens, and the aquarium. Nicole got to ride on a gigantic ant, and then they took the train around downtown Albuquerque. Then, everyone got dressed up to go to dinner. See pictures below.






Below are a couple pictures of Chris, Amanda’s brother, with his unit in Iraq. He was recently presented with a Good Conduct Medal (Yahoo!). Chris just turned 22, and we’d also like to congratulate him on his recent success in filing divorce papers. For those of you who know Chris’ now ex-wife, join me in saying “Good Riddance!!” Two years was two years too long. But, as Chris says, there are two ways to do things: the right way, and again. So, he will get another chance, and we all know who Amanda has picked out for his next/final wife. 🙂


(Chris is the guy toward the left hand side, wearing glasses, and blocking the person’s face who is behind him.)

According to the October Newsletter: MAJ Heape, SGT Lyon, SPC McGee, SPC Weary, SPC White, PFC Mendoza, MSG Kimble

This past weekend, Kassy, Tim, and Nicole came to Las Cruces to visit. We went to Walktoberfest, which is a big health fair. There was a walk/run, face painting, pumpkin painting, kids games, and plenty of health stuff. Nicole even played golf and won a frisbee! Then, we went to the park and had a picnic lunch and played for awhile. Pictures are below.




Now that Kassy et.al. are closer, we will spend a lot more time with them. The past couple of weekends, we have gone to Silver City, then they will come to Las Cruces to visit us. They are almost unpacked, and, as you can see, it caused a lot of gray hair!



Here are some of the pictures from moving. The truck was humongous, and was towing an 8′ trailer! Go Kassy! Nicole was very helpful, though not big enough to actually have anything on the dolly and still be able to push it! 🙂
Then, as you can see, they got out just in time. The snowy picture was taken on October 6, 1 week after we got out of there!




day after

Great news! Kassy (Amanda’s sister) et. al. have moved to Silver City to take care of Amanda’s grandmother. It was an exhausting trip, but totally worth it. Amanda flew to Bozeman, MT on Thursday, we cleaned the house and finished packing on Friday, drove all day Saturday, drove all day Sunday, then unpacked all day Monday. It is usually a 20-hour trip, but with a 26′ truck, an 8′ trailer, and a 5 year old, things were a bit slower. Kassy drove the UHaul like a champ, and almost died only once. (Not really almost died, but she did almost wreck the Uhaul in horrible road construction when the trailer was fish tailing like crazy, which, by extension, could have killed her.) Otherwise, mostly uneventful, and glad to be home. Since we got back to New Mexico, Amanda’s grandmother has been in the hospital. She should be released in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, Kassy, Nicole, and Tim will move in and make themselves at home, without supervision.
Pictures coming soon!