January 2008

Yes– “Foto”, to go with the slightly off family pic below!

From left to right:
Front: Luke (15 months), Natasha (4), Nicole (4), Brad (7)
Middle/Back: Kassy (24), Mom (36 for years!), Chris (22), Laura (29), Amanda (26)
Luke, Natasha, and Brad are Laura’s 3 kids. Nicole is Kassy’s only child.

The problem is, we all see each other in shifts, but we are rarely ever all together. Enter picture above. This is a conglomerate of experiences, with multiple lightings, all melded into one. Whatcha think?!!?

We had a great Christmas, with lots and lots of family. Let’s see, so Kassy, Tim, and Nicole were at their house. Saturday, Brian and Amanda showed up. Sunday, Amanda’s Uncle David’s family from Houston showed up (Lisa, Jessica, and Tina). Monday, Amanda’s brother Chris showed up (though, it took almost running out of gas, being stranded in Van Horn, getting a severe bloody nose, spilling orange juice, getting rear-ended, and running a 100*+ fever). Tuesday was Christmas. Amanda and Brian left Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, Amanda’s sister Laura showed up with her three kids (Brad (7), Natasha (4), and Luke (15 months)). On Friday, Chris left, then Laura and her family left. On Saturday, Lisa, Jessica, and Tina left for Houston, Kassy came to Las Cruces to fly to Montana, and Amanda’s Uncle Chris and his family showed up (Linda and Shane) from Colorado. On New Year’s, all the extended family was gone and it was just Tim and Nicole. Whew–good thing Christmas is only once per year!!
Below are some pictures of the kids:

This was Nicole’s biggest Christmas present–Barbie’s Jammin’ Jeep, but she was too big for it!

This is Nicole in her Christmas dress with Honey, the new puppy (aka Frosty, Sarah, Sagittarius, Rocket, and Mutt).

This is Natasha holding Amanda’s biggest Christmas present–a giant panda!

This is Natasha and Luke, barely waking up.

This is a a picture of all Laura’s kids, and again the Panda.