March 2008

There is an ostrich ranch between Tucson and Phoenix, where you can feed ostriches. Now, the ranch also has emus, deer, donkeys, and lorakeets that you can feed. Below are some pictures of that adventure, and the last is of Ciara–who DID NOT get carsick this trip!! Yahoo!!







The Wearys (Amanda’s family) just had a reunion in Phoenix. This one was especially monumental as Harold (Amanda’s great uncle) is turning 100 years old this year! His brother, Mel, (Amanda’s grandfather) is turning 94. Below are some pictures of the event.


Amanda, Grandpa Mel, Brian, and Ciara

Grandpa Mel, Amanda, and Uncle Harold. Together, we equal 221 years!

Our niece, Nicole, just turned 5. For Christmas, she got a Jeep that she can drive all by herself. It has low, medium, and high speeds, but she only knows how to go fast!! Watch out!


This past weekend, we went to Silver City to visit the family and brought Ciara, of course, who was able to play with her cousin, Honey, for hours and hours (see picture below). Honey is a couple months older than Ciara, but they are the same size, for now. Honey is about as big as she is going to get (she is a terrier/jack russell cross), but Ciara will definitely have the size advantage on their next play date!!