Brian and Amanda celebrated their 6th anniversary in Florida! Neither of us had been to Florida before, and we could not have picked a better time — hurricane season was over, and almost everywhere else in the United States was undergoing freezing temperatures.
Amanda’s older sister, Laura, has a time share, so she invited all of us to join her. There were eight of us in all: Laura and her three kids (Brad, 8, Natasha, 5, and Luke, 2), Brian and Amanda, and Amanda’s little brother, Chris, and his girlfriend Amy. We were in West Palm Beach for 1 full week.
We saw the sites and relaxed on the beach. We found a lot of neat shells and man-o-war jellyfish, and Brian found a bright orange conch shell (which had something living in it – that spit at us! – so we threw it back), we found a washed up puffer fish, and Chris found a sea anemone in a little pool. All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and great to get away!


Brian and Amanda, with high-rise buildings and ocean in the background.


Laura and kids (Luke, Natasha, and Brad).


Amy, Chris, Amanda, Brian.


Kids playing in the sand.


All of us at the beach, about to get pummeled by a HUGE wave.


Action shot of Brian, Natasha, and Chris braving a wave, while Brad is getting out of range.


Action shot, right before Laura is taken down by a fast-moving wave. (Chris and Luke in foreground.)


All of us on the balcony of our suite.