This weekend, Ciara, Amanda, Brian, and Brian’s mom, Sue, went to Bear Canyon Dam above Silver City for a peaceful morning and fun in the water. Ciara, of course, was so excited to play in the water. Below are pictures of the lake and surrounding areas, and Ciara splashing about.

Brian, Sue, and Ciara, with the mountains surrounding the lake in the background.


Sue, Amanda, and Ciara, after a long hour of running and playing tirelessly (Ciara, not Amanda and Sue, though throwing sticks can get tiring!).


Sue on the trail around the lake.


Ciara splashing into the water, full speed ahead, to capture a run-away stick.


Ciara, chasing another stick, slapping at the water! (We could do this all day!)


She got it. Whew – that was a close one!