Final Update: 6/12/2006

So, we are finally done with the Pavilions. Of our $300 deposit, we got back $36. Every little scratch cost a couple bucks and they charged for a professional cleaning. But, we are finished with them, forever, and that is priceless!

Update 3: 10/27/2005

We are all getting along much better now. Management has been much nicer and their policies are improving. We are planning on moving in April, so we think we will make it until then.

Update 2: 6/22/2005

This morning we left a note on our upstairs neighbors door saying that did not turn her in and that we hope we could still get along. So, after Amanda go home from work, she came by and apologized for being rude to me. She said that someone turned her in for having a dog to make $50 and it ended up costing her over $2000! No wonder she was pissed…

Update: 6/21/2005

Today, I went to take pictures of the mountains and happened to walk by our upstairs neighbor. This was the first time we had talked to each other and it went like this:

Me: “Hi

Her: “So, you have a problem with my dog!!

Me: (stunned) “Huh?? What?? Why??

Her: “Someone reported my dog!

Me: “Oh… Well, it wasn’t us

Damn, I hate it when I am right about this kind of thing. Since I was walking around with my camera, I guess she thought I took her picture with the dog and turned her in.

As some of you know, we had some difficulty with the management of our apartment complex. Today, we received a letter from the office (its text is below). I found it very interesting for a couple of reasons. First, they are trying to enforce a policy of not walking dogs on the property. For what we pay they should be buying Poop-r-Scoopers for the maintenance. Second, they are offering a $50 reward for turning in our neighbors. Wouldn’t that cause a lot of resentment or at least cause people to be suspicious of each other? Keep in mind that the complex’s slogan is �Where friendship just begin�. By the way, I see a girl that works in the office walk her dog on the property. I wonder if I should turn her in…

Dear Resident,

Please be aware that we are a neighborhood watch community in numerous respects. You are advised to call Security Concepts, and/or the Police, if you see any suspicious activity. Also, should you notice nonresidents using our private community facilities, which reduces their availability to you, please call the office during office hours, and Security Concepts after hours. The
phone pumber for Security Concepts is (505) 526-4151.

Additionally, we have begun to institute a new community watch aspect, with rewards, to our vigilant residents. At times, there are residents who disregard various “pet” rules, and do not follow the necessary, sanitary procedures in place. This results in pet feces throughout our community and in the heat of the summer, odor can be pervasive. If you see someone walking their pet
on the property, (which is prohibited), we request you report all vital information to the office staff such as, the unit number, description of dog, etc. As much information as you can provide is requested, so please watch to see which unit the person is going into, or coming.from. If the office is unable to determine which unit is violating the rules, by not walking their pet off the property, then the issue cannot be resolved.

Some of these same residents are “hiding” unauthorized pets, and are not only causing damage to the exterior of the community, but are also causing substantial damage inside the apartment home. Dog damage/odor restoration is extremely costly, and we strongly discourage unauthorized pets. Please be aware: Puppies are not pennitted on The Pavilions at South Fork property under any circumstance, at any time! (puppies are young, and are not yet trained to “hold it” and unfortunately defecate whenever they feel like it, with disregard for where they are defecating.) Dogs in gerneral, regardless of their age, are not pennitted at The Pavilions at University property for any reason at any time.

Please keep in mind that carpet shampooing does not ever remove odor sufficiently. Shampooing only cleans the surface, and not the padding nor concrete below. We would never allow a new resident to move into a unit which has any such pet odor, and the process of restoring the premises is hard and tedious work, in addition to the replacement of carpeting and padding. This results in substantial cost to the tenant who violated the rules and policies.

Please save yourselves potentially thousands of dollars and do not allow unauthorized pets into your apartment homes; whether you are only pet sitting, per a friend’s request to watch their pet for a short time, or whether you desire to adopt a pet for yourself, or for any other reason.

Unauthorized pets are NOT permitted. In addition to costly restoration charges, there are “pet” lease violation fees which are charged when you are caught with an unauthorized pet, ($150.00 and $50.00 per rule # 7 and # 54) and the resident faces possible eviction! We suggest you just say “no” to anyone who asks you to pet sit, or comes to visit you with a pet.

We take pride in maintaining a beautiful community indoors and out. Here’s where the “Reward” system comes in: If you become aware that a resident has a pet in any apartment- please report this to the office, again in as much detail as possible. The office will check whether this unit is authorized or not, and if unauthorized, and if your information leads to a lease violation, a $50.00 reward will be issued to you!

If you suspect that there is a violation – please call it in to the office. In the long run, you may be saving someone the entire restoration cost process (potentially thousands of dollars) by earning $50.00 for yourself. As usual, your name will be kept confidential. We have found the need for such measures with the extent of recent pet damages found. We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Pavilions Management Staff