August 2009

Amanda had to go to a training in South Carolina in August. Amanda’s sister, Laura, and Laura’s three kids – Brad, Natasha, and Luke – met Amanda there. Amanda was in training during the day, so Laura and the kids went to museums and parks and toured the city. Below are some pictures of Columbia, SC.

Amanda, Natasha, Laura, Luke, Brad

Brad, Natasha, Luke

Natasha, Luke, and Brad in front of a monument.

Brad, Natasha, and Luke in front of a statue.

Natasha, with Luke in the background

1% to the arts – a huge fire hydrant, with a “No dog peeing” sign. 🙂

Amanda traded in her clunker for a brand-new 2009 Ford Escape!!! Amanda’s 1997 Explorer had 149,997 miles on it when we traded it in (we figure it was going to go kaput at 150K, so it was perfect timing), the air conditioning hadn’t worked in years, and there was a spontaneous, though persistent, engine knock. The trade-up is Sport Blue, has SYNC (can speak on the cell phones over the car’s speakers), Sirius Satellite Radio, a Cargo Package to include roof rack and wet trunk (to carry wet boots), running boards to better access the roof rack, key-less entry, 2 sunglasses holders, 4 cup holders, AIR CONDITIONING, power seats, and a CD player. When we drove it off the lot in El Paso, TX, it had 106 miles on it. This vehicle will be much safer, as well as more reliable and comfortable, than the Explorer. See picture below!