Welcome to our website. We are Brian and Amanda Lain. We have been married for 7 years, together for 10. (We both admit it seems like MUCH longer sometimes!). Brian is a computer scientist and a mathematician. Amanda is a social scientist/sociologist. Brian graduated with his Master’s degree in Computer Science in December 2005 and is currently working as a computer scientist for White Sands Missile Range. Amanda graduated with her Master’s degree in Sociology in December 2004, and was working for Camino de Vida, Center for HIV Services, ever since, but it closed September 2009, so she has recently moved to new employment. To learn more about her new place of employment – Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology – CPST, you may visit www.cpst.org.
       2009 has been a crazy, surreal, unbelievable, at times heartbreaking year. Amanda’s grandmother passed away in January; we put her house on the market in February; Amanda’s brother (Chris) graduated from flight dispatch school and moved to Nevada in February; Brian, Amanda, and Brian’s mom, Sue, went on a cruise in the Caribbean in March; Brian’s brother, Brad, graduated from college in May; Amanda’s sister (Kassy) and niece (Nicole) visited in July and we went to Phoenix for a week; Amanda went to South Carolina in August, where Amanda’s other sister (Laura) and niece and nephews (Brad, Natasha, Luke) met her there for the week; Amanda went to South Carolina again in September; Amanda found out her place of employment for the past 4.5 years was closing in September; Amanda went to Washington D.C. for a week in October and met up with Laura and her kids again; Brian’s brother (Brad) visited in October; Brian’s grandmother passed away in November; Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December, and that’s the end of 2009. Whew – it flew by, and not always in a good way!
      Other than that, nothing else new to report. Just busy, busy, busy!